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Obituary for Patricia Johnson

Patricia E. Johnson, a wonderful mother, and caring soul tragically passed away on November 11, due to cardiac arrest. Patricia Johnson was born on September 21, 1958, in Westmoreland, Jamacia to the parents of Joyce Jones and Selvin Drummond.

She had nine other siblings and a lot of aunts and uncles. Patricia was influenced by her family to be a loving, caring woman, always giving her time to others, and she incorporated that into her motherhood.

In Jamacia, Patricia attended Mearnsville All-Age Primary School and Frome Technical High School. In 1974, the family moved to Belle Glade, Florida. In 1979, she graduated from Suncoast High School. Upon graduation, she attended North Technical School in West Palm Beach, Fl. She completed a certified nursing assistant. For over forty years, Patricia has displayed passionate care to care for the elderly

Patricia met James H. Johnson, the love of her life. Later resulted in their nuptials were on February 18, 1989. This union of love blessed them with five children who came from this union Leticia Johnson Brown, Krystle George-Johnson, Krystine Johnson(deceased), Jeremiah Johnson, and Jasmine Johnson. That was not the end of all the surprises of life. God blessed her with eleven grandchildren. She was a charismatic and understanding individual that loved her family and friends.

Patricia was one of the strongest, bravest, and kindest humans to grace this plant. Dear mother, we will be saying goodbye to you today, but you will always be with us. You are the reason we have such a substantial value in our lives, not to mention our work ethics, you did a fantastic job of loving and raising Leticia, Krystle, Krystine, Jeremiah, and Jasmine. We are enormously proud to have called you our mother, and we love you.

She was a member of the Church of God of Prophecy, Riviera Beach, Florida, and Pastor Barbara Lynn. Patricia was an active member since 1979. She carried the title of “Mother of the Year” for 2019. She always gave back to the community by preparing the meals and assisting with the fund-raiser to help with the church events.

Heaven needed an angel, and God had sent for you. On November 11, God said it was time for his angel to come home. You are gone from us forever now. What are we going to do? You will be missed now, but we must let you go now. Our heart is broken with sadness for the one that we adore. When our heavenly father sent for you, he must have needed you more. Goodbye until we meet again in my heart.