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Obituary for Sharon Martin (Martin)

A life lived fully in faith, love, and family. We are here to remember the life and legacy of Sharon Fay Martin who passed on September 30th 2023 with her loving family by her side in West Palm Beach, FL. Sharon was born in Clarendon, Jamaica on October 4th 1957 to the late Clive Martin and Gwendolyn Burrell and siblings Tony, Jarvis, Kevin, Micheal, and Ngozi.
She attended Elgin primary school and then Thomson town secondary school.

After graduating highschool she had her 2 sons Rayon and Marvin in Clarendon, then moved to Kingston where she started working. She traveled to and from Kingston and Clarendon to provide for her 2 sons and grandparents. After her grandparents passed she moved her family to Kingston to live with her, where she then had her 3rd son Shawayne.

Sharon worked hard to support her 3 children till she came to West Palm Beach Fl in 1999, where she worked odd jobs to support her youngest son and also her 2 sons in Jamaica. Shortly after she was diagnosed with M.S. and she was unable to work full time, but that didn’t stop her from providing for her family through the grace of God. Despite her struggles she has maintained a level of dignity, love, respect and her devotion to God. She was graced with great friends within the church community and was always welcomed with open arms. She loves to cook. It was her passion to see on the faces of her children and grandchildren every day and especially Sundays when she cooked for all her family the pleasure of the dishes she loved to make. Soup on saturday and traditional baked chicken, fried fish, ox-tail and all our favorites on our birthdays. She always stayed traditional with her style of cooking. Her style never changed since the days of cooking with her grandmother Ms. Hilda and Mass Justin, her grandfather in the country.. Sharon loved and was devoted to going to church as much as she could. She devoted her life to her religion and her family.

Sharon leaves behind 3 sons, Rayon Mcdonald, Marvin Henry, and Shawayne Boddoo, 2 daughter in laws Elizabeth Boddoo and Shenae Chase-Mcdonald. 10 grandchildren Raheem, Rashard, Ravaughn, Raahiah, Rayonae, Nasir, Lathen, Brooklynn, Luciano, and Jasmin. Sharon will be missed by her caring friends and loved ones. She has left her mark on this earth and will never be forgotten.